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Staff 2000 can apply for your DBS check, either online or with a paper application. This application must be completed by you, the candidate, and submitted to our Counter signatory. If a paper application, please ensure ‘black ink’ is used, and also each letter/number is written very clearly.

The countersignatory will cross check all your information and also need to verify your documents either ‘in person’ or on a ‘video call’.

Documents our countersignatory will need to see in order to process your DBS application;

Ø  Valid Passport

Ø  UK driving licence (provisional or full)

Ø  Proof of current address (dated within the last 3 months)

Ø  Proof of National Insurance Number

Ø  Proof of any name changes (marriage cert/name change doc)

We will issue you with an application reference code in order for you to track your DBS application.

The current cost of a DBS is £48.50, this will be payable by you, the candidate. After 6 months of employment with Staff 2000, this money will be refunded to you. Broken-down; £40.00 is for the application and £8.50 is administration fee, this is charged by DBS, not the agency.

Staff 2000 will not receive a copy of your DBS, this is something you must upload to your profile once you have received the original copy in the post.

All candidates must register their DBS on to the update service. Once you have subscribed, please inform the agency so that they can go online and do a compamy verification check to view your details.

The Update Service

Candidates can subscribe to the Update Service when they apply for a new DBS certificate. The Update Service will keep their DBS certificate up to date.

Once subscribed the individual can then take their DBS Certificate with them from role to role where the same level and type of check are required.

There will be a £13 annual subscription fee for the Update Service.

You will have 14 days from the date of issue of the certificate to register for the Update Service. You can use access the link -